Space constantly encompasses our being. Through the volume of space, we move, see forms, hear sounds, feel breezes, smell the fragrances of a flower garden in bloom. It is a material substance as much as wood or stone. Yet it is inherently formless. Its visual form, its dimensions and scales, the quality of its light – all of these qualities depend on our perception of the spatial boundaries defined by elements of form. As space begins to be captured, enclosed, molded, and organized by the elements of mass, architecture comes into being.


We marry antique elements with modern day luxury, but not all builders do…

From one piece, the plan can begin to come together.

Have you found yourself admiring our intricate millwork and custom trim cabinets of our kitchens?

One architectural element can tell the entire story of the home.

We pay a lot of attention to our scale and the architectural aspect ratios, but not all builders do…

Line by line, bringing history to life.

We love antique brick…it expresses its true character on our homes…

A story of a time and place.

You will not find any manufactured cabinets in our homes…ours are custom and crafted specifically for our houses

A story of craftsmanship and quality.

Not every paint is worthy of being applied to our homes, ask why…

A story that truly begins once you step into your new Distinctive Living Home.

We use the finest marble, granite and tile, meticulously selected for our homes…

Where history meets modern luxury…

Our hardware is a cut above craftsmanship and design…only the best for Distinctive Living home

… is where the Distinctive Living lifestyle begins.


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New Heights Home, 2010